Call for papers: the yearbook 2018


Call for papers

The Finnish Society of Church History invites writers to contribute to the yearbook of 2018.

The theme of the issue is volunteering and participation in the history of Christianity on the one hand. How have individuals participated in or contributed to their church or religious organization, and how have churches and religious organizations participated in society at large? On the other hand, there is tension with coercion and regulation: what kind of obligations or restrictions have limited the voluntary participation of Christians and churches?

Ideals of care, shared responsibility, volunteerism have featured in Christian tradition from the beginning. Local parishes, monasteries and organizations throughout history have benefited from donations and voluntary service. Individual Christians’ works of mercy, from beguines to Mathilda Wrede, have acquired political significance. On the level of church and society, diaconal work is a central example of participation.

On the other hand, society imposes obligations and restrictions on churches, and the churches’ internal (re)organization of responsibilites and power has at times limited members’ opportunities for action. Pertinent examples include issues of taxation, military service, obligatory Eucharist, the right to preach as well as freedom of assembly and freedom of religion.

We also welcome submissions on other topics.

The Yearbook of the FSCH is a traditional journal of church history published since 1919. Research articles go through a peer-review process. In addition to articles, we welcome reports and surveys of relevant issues; literature reviews; and culture reviews of fiction, films, games, exhibitions etc. The yearbook is published annually on the feast of Saint Henry in January.

Please send an abstract of your proposed article to the editor-in-chief Piia Latvala (piia.latvala [at] by 2nd October, 2017. The abstract should explain the topic and what is novel about the article, whether it be the sources, method or perspective. You will be informed of the initial decision by the end of October. The deadline for the accepted articles is 16th March, 2018, after which they go through a peer-review process.

For submissions other than research articles, contact Olli Lampinen-Enqvist.

You may attach images (e.g. photographs or tables) to your text. We accept texts in Finnish, Swedish and English; for other languages, please consult the editors.


Piia Latvala, editor-in-chief (articles): piia.latvala [at]

Olli Lampinen-Enqvist (surveys, reviews, culture): olli.lampinen [at]

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